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When you’re a young adolescent human being, relationships used to be some cute thing and your friends would adore the fact you had a guy. They would even accept being ranked lower in you top eight friends on MySpace just so your boyfriend could be number one. Then there was your personal message on MSN and all those red love hearts with a ton of initials of both your boyfriend followed by every friend you had afterwards.

These were the days when “relationships” were easy and you could literally throw acronyms like ILY and ILYSM around like it was a speck of dust. These were the days when you would go home and sign into MSN and wait for someone to message you – pretty much when clingy was acceptable because all you wanted was an ILY from your boyfriend who you probably never even saw.

These days, fifteen-year-old’s actually sustain a long-term relationship. How? Like what happened to those short few month cute and innocent relationships? You’re supposed to grow up over time and eventually you’ll learn how to maintain a relationship and understand your feelings but it seems teenagers are doing that at the tender age of fourteen.

In saying that, some people will grow to be clingy rather than not.

I once dated a guy, it was all well and dandy until I suffered a pretty serious injury. He became obsessive and continuously sent me text messages asking where I was, what I was doing and who I was with, ONE THE HOUR. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but where exactly is a sixteen year old girl going to go when she is in the most uncomfortable knee brace with the assistance of crutches?

I’m sure you can all see how that ended – goner.

I honestly thought my generation had grown up and everyone had moved on and become civil adults whom can respect and understand each other’s space and privacy. But I was wrong.

I think the word “hope” can be used to describe the new clingy. Having hope that a relationship can or will rekindle is a waste of time, energy and breathe if all you do is spend your days dreaming of the next date that you were told clearly was never going to happen.

I guess it’s the romantic side of every girl alive.

If you want to tag along with your “hope”, then expect something to come from it. I’m not necessarily referring to anything but like take Social Media for an example. Everyone he became friends with on Facebook or followed on Instagram, you did too.

Not sly, just weird and desperate.

I guess clingy is just like an evolving Pokémon but worse.




Ain’t no one got time for that.

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