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Cyberstalking, which is simply an extension of the physical form of stalking, is where the electronic mediums such as the Internet are used to pursue, harass or contact another in an unsolicited fashion. Most often, given the vast distances that the Internet spans, this behaviour will never manifest itself in the physical sense but this does not mean that the pursuit is any less distressing. There are a wide variety of means by which individuals may seek out and harass individuals even though they may not share the same geographic borders, and this may present a range of physical, emotional, and psychological consequences to the victim.

Urban Dictionary is always delivering the goods, but this time – not as entertaining…

But let’s talk about cyberstalking.

I stalk, I’m pretty good at it too. Some of my pals say I should join the FBI or something absurd. Social media stalking is pretty common these days with the whole evolution of social websites at the click of your finger. But I think the definition listed above is maybe so in-depth that if I rated my stalking habits outs of ten, I probably take my skills to maybe a six or seven. I wouldn’t harass someone for the life of me, I just like to know everything about everyone.

We see it in a lot of Hollywood films when someone pursues someone because they like them. It seems pretty harmless, but when is it time to cease your pursuit?

With social media comes the inevitable stalking, as long as you don’t like something from fifty-eight weeks ago or comment – you’re safe! But what if they continuously like everything and you know for a fact what they are doing, so you eventually block their behinds on every level of social media. I’ve done this before and I’m sure many others have too.

But when it comes to dealing with unwanted stalker tendencies, it’s very much like a very clingy boyfriend (or girlfriend, whichever). So they can’t contact you on any level of social media – but where there is a will, there’s a way. They get your digits, then they comfortable and pretty much fall in love.

The term ‘no’ isn’t in their vocabulary, we just have to block their asses as hard as we can. It’s almost like trying to shut the door on a Sumo wrestler – pretty impossible.

Well, I have a pal. My pal has a former colleague whom you could describe as a creep, a piece of cling film or well, a stalker. She seems to be completely head over heels for him, but it’s clearly a one way relationship.

She loves him.

He blocked her on Facebook.

She asks him out on dates – on the daily.

He declines – on the daily.

She proposed marriage.

He deposed the idea.

Isn’t love joyous?

To be perfectly clear here, my pal has a dual citizenship and she only proposed marriage so she could take advantage of his dual life. Almost like a gold digger, but not really – you get my drift. Some of us fish in our own pond and like to keep our list of rejections as short as possible. Why would you like to make you list of rejected dates longer than your list of accepted dates? There’s no logic in that!

The only positive thing to come out of this is that you can tell your grandchildren that you were rejected by the same guy a thousand times with no happy ending. You will teach them great qualities like how to be determined and persistent in all their life goals and aspirations. Quality grandparent you’ll be!

Love is a crazy thing.

One thought on “Declined Leave a comment

  1. This explains why an old good uni friend of mine blocked me haha. 😉
    Sorry to hear about your stalker troubles, it’s happened with an ex of mine recently and it’s damn annoying. Sometimes blocking isn’t enough.


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