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I finally found an amazing guy, one I can explore and laugh with. One that likes to rub off my eyebrows when we’re alone, one that loves to make fun of my harsh driving and one that enjoys adventure.

A few weeks ago, I revealed some feelings to my girlfriends and a fortnight later – they’re still a secret.

It’s been a few months since he became a special person in my life and well, sure he annoys me with particular emojis and a select few choice of words. But we communicate well, we discuss our feelings and we have the ability to make it a learning curve in our relationship.

Relationships are all about learning about someone as well, learning isn’t just for the dating folk. You learn new things every day, especially as that person learns of themselves. Some things one might love, but that could change at the click of ones fingers.

Learning to deal with each others mood changes is something that takes time to adjust to, to converse about and to understand. We understand that we cannot please one another full time, but we try our hardest. Sometime all we need is time, other times we just need a moment to gather our thoughts before we sit down with each other.

Relationships are work, but work of the most rewarding kind.

The loving kind…

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