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Define Your Face

Recently, I’ve been the topic of conversation at my mother’s coffee table discussions. My mother sips her coffee with one of her lifelong friends whom has a granddaughter in her mid-teens. For a while now my mother has always returned from coffee with “Oh so and so wanted to know how you look so healthy?” and “Oh so and so was talking about your blog today”. I began to wonder if I was some sort of role model or idol of this girl.

Just the other week, this girl posted a selfie on Instagram. I got a good look at what this beautiful young girl had become – a cake. This girl had no idea about bronzer, about blusher or about highlighter. It was just one big pasty cake of foundation. Then came her eyebrows; a thick, straight black line with no shape.

When I was in my mid-teens, girls only wore mascara during the day. We had no reason to cake it daily. Of course my generation learnt how to cake it, but we understood how to contour as well. We learnt how to make our face look more defined and less like a blank space.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a beauty expert – I have naturally terrible skin.

I feel that if you’re going to cake it, you should at least make it look somewhat natural.

In saying all of that, why do you feel like you have to hide behind a mask?

Why do you feel the need to lather your foundation?

Why do you opt to waste your money on one item that does nothing for you?

Are you surrendering to “societies” idea of beautiful or your own?

Are you plastering your makeup on because you love it as an art or because you feel you need to?

Just think about it…

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