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Nice Guys

What’s it like to look for love when no one else is looking? Well, I’m sure one of my closest friends can detail exactly what it’s like better than I can. My friend has endured multiple heartbreaks throughout 2015. In fact, quite a few of my friends have. I can even include myself in that unfortunate race.

This year has certainly been the year to tread the waters of the dating game amongst my friends. On several occasions we have all deleted our Tinder accounts because we simply ‘gave up’. I’m sure you can just picture a group of twenty year olds surrendering to the crazy cat woman life. I mean thinking about it now, it’s a good laugh.

There are several obstacles in the dating game. These obstacles have been floating around for many years now – maybe even before my time. But within my friendship circle, these are the few popular ones that come to mind;

  1. The Fuckboy;

A manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want. – U.D.

  1. The Rebound;

Going from one relationship to the next right away to avoid the pain of a breakup. – U.D.

  1. The Tourist;

Urban Dictionary doesn’t cover this one, but it’s pretty much a foreigner who is all about dating for one of two reasons; a. a red card or b. a root.

Then we have the guys that tell us their intentions within the first few dates. These are the good guys, or so we believe. So good, we think we have chance. We date you, dine with you and given time, we come to love you.

Now keep in mind I’m not speaking for myself – I still got me a bae. But in a matter of a few month, three of my beloved girlfriends have all suffered from heartbreak. One of them was sucked into a weird booty call scenario and she didn’t even know it until he stopped responding to text messages a few days after the deed. These guys spoke for a few weeks and met each other a few times to dine. But why would you respond after the deed to begin with if you had intentions to begin with? Not only did you confuse the shit out of my pal, but you hit her ego a lot. You know, we girls overthink. So what did she do wrong? Why did he not speak of his intentions? Why?

Guys are dumbfounding.

Just the other day another one of my pals found herself alone for the festive season. But she knew everything she signed up for, she just didn’t expect it – or maybe she did, I don’t know – it just happened so soon.

But what gets me more, is how it does in fact kill a girls hope – even the good guys can do this. You make us feel dumb, dumb we gave you the time of day. I understand this is what the dating game is all about, it’s just cruel.

A cruel, cruel world.

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