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In exactly six hours, 2016 will be here – we Australians are such early birds. I can’t say I have any plans for the evening to come, my closest all have prior commitments. It’s just me and the chances of me being asleep before the fireworks begin is rather high.

Over this past week there have been several dedications posted on Facebook by my friends in memory of lost lives. In two seperate fatal incidences, all those involved were from my region of Victoria.

The first incident was a group of young guys travelling interstate for New Years. The reports published state that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Fatigue is dangerous, fatigue is fatal. A lot of drivers – new and experienced – think they can defy fatigue just like they can defy gravity. It’s as deadly as being intoxicated or on drugs. It reminds me of that time in the Mr. Bean Movie when he installs toothpicks into his eyelids to keep his eyes wide awake – it’s stupid. Don’t surrender to peer pressure or put your lives at risk for the sake of getting to a location on time.

It was a bit of a shock to know that these guys were local. I didn’t know them or had ever heard of their names. It was a true tragedy that it took the lives of two young men far too early.

The second incident occurred less than five minutes from my home. I didn’t hear it, it wasn’t even in my newsfeed until more then twelve hours later. I was curious and concerned, my seventeen year old brother had posted his condolences.

A few moments later it became known, one of my brothers best mates was gone.

Sixteen years old.

How to you comprehend this? When your brothers young friend is burned to death in a fiery crash, you just sit there. What do you do?

When someone so young passes its hard to piece together what you should do. I wasn’t home when I discovered the news, I ensured my parents knew, I wanted to know they would be there for him. I wanted him to know he could cry if he wanted.

These unforeseen and terrible events happened within a few days of each other, they happened to people too soon and they are horrifying. No one prepares you for such incidences and it’s saddening to have it hit so close to home.

I hope that these accidents speak volumes words to all drivers out there to stay safe on the roads.

I send my condolences and love to all those affected by these terrible circumstances and I wish the young men recovering in hospital all the best for their future.


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