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I’ve come across some pretty amazing people in this world; my friends, family and even my love. It’s those that stand by you, check in on you and accept you for all your flaws that make it worth while though.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with some mental issues and it’s put me in a pretty bad place. I thought I was stronger and better than to let myself sink back into that giant hole – I was wrong.

Although my parents don’t exactly understand what I meant when I described my thoughts and emotions, it’s out there and it just needs time I guess. My boyfriend gave me his set of ears and patience.

Sometimes all you need is to cry, sometimes all you need is to talk. Heck I’ve spent so much time on the phone lately in peace – nothing is said, you just hear his faint breath in the distance. Sometimes I just like to hear his voice other times I think about how great he is rather than my own issues – it’s a good distraction.

I don’t know what 2016 will have in store for me, but I hope I can get myself back before I screw up for good.

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