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The Next Chapter

Less than forty-eight hours ago I began a new chapter in my life. It wasn’t pleasant to turn the page, it hurt a lot. The days leading up to this unpleasant time were weird, terrible and half-heartedly happy.

Forty-eight hours ago I had a boyfriend.

Now, he’s just a friend.

Rewind an entire week ago and I was on the receiving end of what was unpleasant and very much a very hard time.

Words are powerful and regardless of who you are, your tongue or text happy fingers can hurt. I’ve hurt many people throughout my wrath of words and I have apologised more than I can count. The choice in words in which we all make can impact our lives on a very large scale. For myself, it ended a relationship.

He was an amazing guy – he still is. But he said some words that broke my heart.

All there is to do now is create new memories and experiences for the next chapter of my life, every chapter brings new life, love and adventure. I guess I’m just being really optimistic now but sometimes you just need a little optimism to be able to push through the hard times.

Of course listening to Adele doesn’t help the mood but you can’t stop belting down tunes you once loved because you finally understand the lyrics. Giving up something you love because it means something after the fact is easier said than done. I can’t rid myself of memories and loves simply because it has a connection to my past. Your past is what makes you who you are, if you forfeit that love because of a memory, then I think you’re wrong.

Saviour the memories and remember that they shaped you.

So now, I open a fresh page to The Story of Claire and begin the next chapter…

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