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What a brilliant Monday morning it has been! The sun is shining, there are no more two fruits in the pantry, my blog erased eight of my posts and my dear friend left his fork at home so whatever he is eating for lunch will not go down a treat!

The same fork-ettful pal of mine also delivered some juicy gossip for me this morning in true Monday form;


So as I was scrolling through Tinder last night before I deleted it, I’m about to swipe right to this girl but then I’m like wait a minute, I’ve seen this head before. Go to my uni squad group chat and as I suspected it’s one of my squaddies Mrs so I hit up another squaddie and I’m like bro, what do? And he’s like I don’t know. So I asked him would you want me to tell you if I found your Mrs and he says yeah. So I go to group chat and I’m like oi mate, I came across your Mrs on Tinder. And he says yeah I know she downloaded it as a joke. This pissed me off so I go to him m8 real talk right now, if your Mrs downloads Tinder ‘as a joke’ she needs to be slapped. He hasn’t said anything since. He’s real submissive so I don’t know if he will do anything.


Also, just because this friend of mine used to constantly pick on my grammar when I first began blogging – I’m going to leave your little essay unedited just for you, M8.

But on a serious note, the guy at the center of this gossip is a complete doormat. A blind doormat at that. If you have the decency to be a part of a monogamous relationship and you let your other half download an app notoriously known for ‘root rats’ (as spoken by my Mother), then exactly how do you sleep at night?

This guy has to be delusional, if it was an open relationship then he would probably have had a better response than silence. Even if it was a simple acknowledgement and what not, it would still be somewhat more convincing than being a piece of shit doormat.

In saying that, each to their own. But this guy needs to grow a pair and man up. Because she doesn’t sound too likable.

People confuse me.


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