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Date 2.0

A few days ago I published a post titled Date. It disappeared yesterday alongside seven other posts when I upgraded my blog layout. I must say though, the whole archive section of my blog has made my life so much easier in finding a post!

Date was written primarily about this guy who I met off of Tinder. I am however, a somewhat terrible person in the communication department of life so I pretty much wrote down all the nauseating thoughts that rush through my head on the first few dates with anyone and to be honest, I still haven’t conquered my sweaty palms with this guy.

So how does one with terrible communication skills go about life?

Simple, I blog about my thoughts and feelings because it’s easier than vomiting my life story. It has been known to scare off guys on multiple occasions. Once I get comfortable and begin talking, I can be a handful – or at least I think so. I don’t know, guys don’t exactly tell my why they cease conversation with me. It just ends, I call it the silent rejection.

Or I’m just really shitty in the dating department of life.

But in taking a leap of faith right now, how about a date sometime Tinder guy?

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