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Urban Dictionary

My relationship with Urban Dictionary has grown fonder over the years. It’s more or less a good laugh at how much time society waste on defining the slang terms and phrases that people develop.

The Urban Dictionary home page features a word from each day, I still have no idea if this is the newest word or the most top trending word.

But damn.

[April 15]; Fancy Bitch
A classy, elegant, self-sufficient woman who carries herself with dignity and pride and takes no shit from any bitch, male or female.

Mila Kunis was an immigrant who came to America, with almost nothing. She worked hard to achieve what she wanted in life and now she is a fancy bitch!
[April 12]; Dickweed
The process of grinding very loud/dank weed then spilling it all over your pants (presumable the crotch area) then attempting to pack the spilt weed into the bowl
“Bro I just dickweed.”
[April 11]; French Bite
In the middle of making out you gently bite the other person’s nose, often licking it a bit while doing it.
I gave Shauna I french bite yesterday!
[March 28]; Hulu and Handjobs
Like netflix and chill, and amazon and anal but with more sexual activity.
Sharkisha: Wanna come over for netflix and chill tonight?
Quan: Nah..
Skarkisha: How bout some Amazon and Anal?
Quan : No sorry
Skarkisha: Fine maybe some hulu and handjobs?
Quan: Yes of course!
[March 10]; Opooportunity
When one who has to defecate has an opportunity to relieve themselves after waiting for a period of time.
Brad had to shit for an hour but because he was at his girlfriend’s parent’s anniversary party, he couldn’t find the right opooportunity until the old folks retired for the evening, then he let the floodgates open.
[March 03]; Asshole Baby
When you become pregnant from having anal sex the baby is called an “asshole baby”
We didn’t have condoms and thought anal would be safer, little Johnny is an asshole baby!
[February 27]; AM Radio and Chill
A primitive version of “Netflix and chill”, which older generations did and what some hipsters still do.
Little kid: “Grandpa, where did I come from?”
Grandpa: “Well kid you’re grandma and I made whoopee in the back of a station-wagon to the sound of sweet static that was part of AM Radio and Chill, which led to your daddy, which led to you!”Guy: “Hey we could Netflix and chill”
Hipster girl: “I’m more of an AM radio and chill kind of person”
Guy: “If you say so, Daisy Buchanan…”
[Febraury 18]; Eddiction
An addiction to electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Eddiction is characterized by the constant need to check your smartphone for the latest Facebook posts, Twitter updates, news, etc. People with eddiction prefer spending time browsing the Internet over social interaction.
Matt suffers from eddiction. He’s always updating his Twitter and posting instagram pics instead of chilling with me, the big brother he never had.
[February 12]; Honeydude
Like a sugar daddy. without the age gap.
Why have a sugar daddy when you can have a honeydude ? They last longer.
[February 01]; Handcestors
All the ancestors never to be born due to male masturbation.
I wiped those handcestors off on a dirty sock.

I’m so done right now!

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