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About three years ago I received a random add on Facebook from a guy whom attended the same university as me. We did the whole “Hey, have we met?” saga and overtime it became clear he had a twisted nature. We were both already in relationships at the time, but he played out his relationship to be a toxic concoction of hatred, constantly complaining. I’m not going to say my relationship was perfect because by this point we had already reached the point of comfort in our relationship where burping and farting continuously was his thing. Gross. Even if it was my first dose of a serious relationship, our interests and goals seemed to drift further apart overtime. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great guy and we still talk to this very day, we just weren’t made for each other.

But having a weakness in my relationship lead me become vulnerable. Vulnerable for the attention from this guy. Looking back now, it was extremely stupid but I learnt fast. He was the attention seeker. Since the day I met him, he would send flirty text messages and use emoji’s to his heart’s content and I began to feel as if he was in love with me and the feelings were most definitely not mutual.

Let’s just say, he isn’t my type. Not at all keen on the scrawny men.

Plus I could never have a conversation with a guy that constantly responds to a text with “aww”. Here I was thinking I had terrible communication skills.

I moved on with life and in late 2014, he continued to message me. I got a friend of mine to message his girlfriend on Facebook explaining what he does but she never responded.

Fast forward more than a year and they eventually broke up.

Only a few weeks ago he messaged me via Instagram, keep in mind that this guy has on several occasions unfriended and un-followed me on every social media platform for years and then would message me and accuse me of having deleted him. I didn’t even know he disappeared.

On Sunday evening he messaged me and explained that his ex-girlfriend was psycho and she was stirring trouble and threatening him.

On Monday she messaged me via Instagram and asked some questions regarding my relationship with her now ex. She took her time, but she also mentioned she had just found my friends Facebook message from 2014. I was honestly expecting her message a lot sooner, but I’ll give her points for catching her now ex-boyfriend chatting up more than ten other girls after the fact.

I must say, sleazy people are so dramatic.

But on a serious note, both parties need to grow up. Like sure go be sleazy, whatever tickles your fancy! But maybe you should learn to understand girls first, because you still remind me of the same little bitch I blogged about a year ago. Awww, how cute!

As for the girlfriend, move on. You guys ended last year and if you were going to have revenge you would’ve done it sooner rather than later. You were less than smart to have stayed with him as long as you did considering how much of a two-faced bitch he is.

Like get a fucking grip people – this is not primary school and you are not children! Or maybe you are children, you’re certainly behaving like you are. Be sure to ask your Mother’s to cut your sandwich into triangles.

Peace out children!

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  1. You should probably focus on your own life more and stop worrying about others and what you think of them. Trust me, you will be a lot happier.


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