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Today I woke up to a very peaceful looking human being who I call Tinder guy.

Today my Mother also tried to zoom in on a photo on Tinder guy’s Instagram only to like a photo from 2014 from me. I swear I’m no stalker, but thanks anyway Mum!

*major eye roll moment*

Last night, he spoke about his recollection of moving out of the nest and oh boy I’m so far from ever leaving my nest! The thought is daunting, it kind of sucks to be an adult in the sense of responsibility. It hurts my brain just thinking about it. I’m still trying to come to terms with the whatever this is between us thing. Like I know I need a connection before I even unwrap the goodies and it is there but as for what it is, I have no god damn clue.

It’s a mystery.

A few weeks ago he asked me what I’d label him, as per my Nice Guys blog post back in December. To be honest, you don’t fit any of those descriptions and I’ve narrowed it down to two simple ideas for the time being;

  1. Friends with benefits or,
  2. Something more.

I’m not entirely sure how or when I’ll determine what you are, what we are – but shit happens and at the end of the day it’s fun.

As long as I get to have a giggle, I’m pretty fuss free. Just don’t tickle me, that type of giggling is torturous.

Cheers for a lol’s.

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