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Dear A,

It’s not every day you make a new friend or frenemy but to have a new fan of The Story Of Claire is heartwarming. So to my new number one fan, A. Thank-you for your warmest comments. Your views are extraordinary and have boosted my statistics by quite a bit making April 2016 far more successful than April 2015.

Clearly you will know that is this purely sarcastic and that your attempted belittlement of me is very poor and quite frankly, not very ladylike.

You may have your opinion as I may have mine, but I think calling me a slut is a bit rude. Leaving my legs open to the public isn’t really something I would consider a hobby so I think you should rethink your immature comments next time you wish to waste your time typing a petty insult.

But since you’re so opinionated maybe you could help me out? You see, I recently received an invitation to an eighteenth birthday and it comes with a plus one. Now do you think it’s a bit too soon to ask Tinder guy or should I just ride solo?

Thank-you in advance.


2 thoughts on “Dear A, Leave a comment

    • Dear A,

      For someone who said, I quote; “You should probably focus on your own life more and stop worrying about others and what you think of them. Trust me, you will be a lot happier.” I see you’re doing a great deal of commenting on MY life.

      Considering the only person I know with your name (going off in the email registered to this comment) that I have ever crossed paths with only messaged me a week or so ago about a particular “idiot”, I’m finding this to be a very big coincidence “Alicia”.

      Happy Reading!


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