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Since before I was born, women have been fighting for gender equality. To be treated as equals to our male counterparts has been one of the biggest political bargaining chips in pretty much every government campaign I have witnessed and the people selling it are of course, men.

However now we have hit a major milestone in the feminist movement, now bigger than ever. How is it bigger? With the advances in technology and the major celebrity influence that now exists, the ability to influence young ladies is within a short reach. But where do you draw the line as a feminist?

I for one, are all for the strength and independence that comes with being a feminist. I work in a strongly influenced male industry and I have, on several occasions, been witness to the whole cliché of “women belong in the kitchen“. It doesn’t make for an inviting workplace and I have had my moments of weakness and departed the office due to a few unneccessary comments.

Recreationaly, I officiate basketball at my local association. There, we have a female developement program. I’ve never been hugely involved in the program, I don’t find it beneficial. I understand the concept and notion to develop young females to become stronger and to boost their confidence but it is impossible to accomplish with a few small gatherings. Confidence as an official comes with time and dedication, not to mention effort. I have been officiating for nine years, I begun when I was twelve years old. I have attended a few national and state tournaments and four years ago I was one of the highest ranked referees at my association.

However, when the state basketball association decided that all female officials should wear fluro pink lanyards, I threw mine out. Why should we be singled out any more than what we are already for being too short and too slow?

I do not need a fluro pink lanyard to inform onlookers that I am in fact a female.

Do people think that singling out females as a group is any less sexist and inequal towards the males? Why did the male officials not receive blue lanyards?

We live in an age right now where we carelessly throw words around without thinking of the repocussions of these words but we still live in an age of double standards where a guy can become a legend for sleeping with various women yet a woman would earn the title of a slut.

There is no equality in double standards.

But there is also no equality in singling out the females within a workplace for a conversation about their suggestive language and actions. What about the males?

Today, suggestive language can be spoken by either gender, so why only reign in the females? It sounds like a preventative measure to ensure women in the workplace are not known as sluts and whores. But if we factor in gender equality, shouldn’t the males receive the same little pep talk?

The notion of gender equality was to level the females with the males, not to single out the females. This isn’t equal nor is it a feminist movement, it’s just stupid. We are at a point in time where females can throw a suggestive comment, it’s not just a male game anymore. So why should the women be singled out if it’s an equal playing field of flitatious comments?

Keep up, the field is pretty much close to even!

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