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Foot & Mouth Disease

What’s worse than being a little nervous with a dash of anxiousness because you had to tell someone practically all the thoughts of your family?

Like “Hey! My family want you to become a part of the family!

Might as well just put a post it note on my back and scribe a good old ‘Kick me, I’m an idiot‘.

Would I date him? Sure.

Is my family over the top? Yes.

Should I learn to shut my mouth? Probably.

One of my worst traits has to be my lack of filter before I type or speak. But it also means I’m practically an open book – this could be a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on who you talk to. Then again, I don’t have a blog for no reason.

I really need to stop telling my Mother about my life – I blame her for my foot and mouth disease. She’s pretty fond about this guy, she likes to remind me that I look happier than ever – who knows! So when she asked if we we’re offical and when he would become a part of the family I just blushed and walked off, how do you explain to you Mother what it is when you can’t even define it yourself?

Last night a mutual friend of ours asked if we were dating, I shrugged my shoulders. How did he know? Apparently I’ve shown up at too many basketball games over the past few weeks. Like damn, why so observant?!

But seriously, what do people care? Leave me alone – it’s fun.

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