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Something More

Well it’s Monday morning and I’m sitting here with my coffee in hand just thinking.

So this thing with Tinder guy is becoming something more, or at least I think so. From bonding my with my family to small things like, “You have to help me move house” and “You should come to my game“. It all means something, right?

It might just be that I’m just a gracious over thinker or maybe I’m simply interpreting signs correctly for once.

It’s different, spending time with someone who has their life together. Everyone knows that I cannot exactly cook, I am all for eggs on toast! Actually, I’m all for breakfast meals – french toast, pancakes and eggs. That pretty much sums up my cooking skills, it’s a horrifying talent really.

Tinder guy has read my blog, he knows I cannot cook and yesterday he found amusement in my glorious spectator skills at my youngest brothers basketball game. Yet, he hasn’t departed like all the other males of my past. He is different.

He has this friend, not entirely sure if it’s always the alcohol talking but last week he congratulated us on our three-week anniversary. Do you know just how fast time can pass? It’s been four weeks now, personally it feels a lot longer. But four weeks…

I am still pretty quiet around him and I’m also fucking awkward at affection, but he’s probably noticed this. Honestly, I can be a really big chatter box. I don’t know what I’m scared of, heck you’ve read my thoughts on this blog already – not sure how much worse I could be.

So in these four weeks, my Mother has asked if we are official, asked when he was coming to join us for a family dinner (because we have a family dinner like once every hundred days) and has made several attempts to get me to cook him breakfast because that is all I can do. She has also questioned me as to whether I will be assisting him in moving house and whether I would be going to basketball games with him, both at home and away. Although I’m pretty sure that he would probably car pool to an away game, I’m really not the person to put my foot in the door and ask to tag along and what not. If he wants me there, he’ll ask – or so I figure.

A birthday party that I’m attending this weekend is a great example. I’d like him to come, so I asked. I still have no idea if he will or won’t come but not seeing me in a track suit is relatively rare so he should come (plus free drinks).

How well did I just sell that invite?

I’ve learnt overtime to not expect anything from anyone. I don’t expect that whatever this is could be great or terrible, I simply have hope that something more will come of it. Guys can be such dicks and having expectations leads to nothing but disappointment most of the time. He is a great guy and I do have feelings for him but all I can do is trust he won’t destroy all my hope.

This is getting too emotional, but $10.00 he will tell me when he has read this…

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