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The Talk

I’ve kind of always dreaded any form of ‘the talk’. You know, those serious talks that come about in a relationship. Even the most distant thoughts about the topic of children is somewhat important at the beginning of something – you don’t want to spend a dozen years with someone to find out you clash on the topic of a family right?

So when I reference ‘the talk’, I’m talking about the defining moment in a relationship. When do you know it is or isn’t something more? Again, Tinder guy asked me what I classified him as and once again, I gave him the same two answers; friends with benefits or something more. His response was as simple as a gorgeous smile followed by a cliche of words, “time will tell“.

I’m leaning highly towards something more. Would a friend with benefits spend time with your family? I’m struggling to imagine a friend of that subcategory would put their two cents of effort into my family. I guess it doesn’t help that my family is a big part of my life.

Am I suppose to just guess how he feels about me? I guess so…

I always dread having ‘the talk’ purely because there’s always the fear of rejection in the back of my mind. What’s a label anyway? I’ve never been inclined to call someone my boyfriend, heck I had an array of boyfriends throughout my adolescent years and personally, the label of a boyfriend comes with a lot of immature connotations to me. Manfriend though?

It’s only a label.

All I need to know if he’s in or out, a little bit of exclusivity. But even I’m dreading that answer. To enjoy ones company never hurt anyone, so there’s no reason as to why I can’t just go with the flow. For all I know he’ll always just be known as Tinder guy and I’m okay with that. The day a label is erected is the day I’ll probably be all giggly, so much so I’d probably hit my comfort zone and accidentally fart in front of him too and for that, sorry in advance.

All I care about is that he hasn’t ghosted me yet. All I can hope is that he never does.

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