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Social Media Official

It’s quite a common occurrence that I don’t actually know what to write about. You could say I suffer from writer’s block more often than not. I spend a majority of my time holding my index finger on the backspace key, waiting patiently as the letters are devoured within a few blinks of my eye.

Just a few days ago, I published a photograph on my Instagram – multiple photographs to be exact. Photographs that were captured at a birthday party I attended and made public within hours of the event – because sleep for this photographer was clearly overrated. Anyhow, this one photo I published featured Tinder guy and although it still exists on my profile, a part of me did some wondering as to whether I should’ve posted it or not.

We live in a digital age and terms such as “Facebook Official” and “Instagram Official” do exist. But do you have to post several photographs with the same person before it is announced as official? Like right now he is just a random guy in a single photo. But it is a good photograph, heck he is so photogenic and I struggled with my Asian squinty eyes in majority of the photos that I featured in. As most people would know by now, I’m more Instagram than I am Facebook. I’ve never believed in making something Facebook Official, I’m not in high school. But as someone who is all for Instagram – I still don’t know the terms and conditions of being Instagram Official. Someone, do tell!

Yesterday, my pal/main muse revealed that he and his current bae argued over who would make it Facebook Official first. They’re in their mid twenties/early thirties and making it Social Media Official is still a big deal? But it’s finally official and my muse of a friend is soon to be a whipped ass bae. I cannot wait for his drooling love stories. #topmuse

Heck, is two people not knowing where they stand enough? I don’t even have that information on Facebook viewable to the public because I don’t feel like everyone needs to know who it is that I am dating. Biggest eye roll moment to be perfectly honest. But it does make stalking easier.

But surely a single photograph on Instagram is not a horrid thing? He hasn’t mentioned anything so I must be all g.

After all, it’s only Social Media.

Could not care less.


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