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Flaw; [noun]

1. a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault: beauty without flaw; the flaws in our plan.

I’ve taken up a new hobby which I’ll call bed hopping. By this, I mean I’ll nap in my bed before a short commute to Tinder guys bed in which I actually sleep. I’m just glad he’s all about a comfy mattress and not some hard ass motherfucker that feels like concrete. So he might have a really comfortable mattress, but he also has a really annoying alarm.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few alarms set for myself; wake up round one, wake up round two and finally, one to depart the house. But Tinder guy can and will snooze his alarm multiple times. Everyone loves an extra ten minutes sleep, but he snoozes no less than three times. You need a Ruggie! ASAP.

Make sure you click that link Tinder guy!

You know I had a good giggle adding that link in.

So although I am still undecided as to whether the repetitive hitting of the snooze button is a flaw, it is most certainly annoying. I’d say I’m getting used to it having listened to his alarm tone for the past month or so, at least it’s not as abrupt or harsh as my own alarm tone.

Everyone has flaws, things they aren’t happy with – a defect by ones standards. Sometimes we try to avoid the notion of confronting our flaws by going about our life as it is. Sometimes it’s our flaws than can attract the attention of someone else purely because it makes us different and unique. Other times we fret leaving the protection of our sheets in order to hide from our flaws.

There is a difference between a flaw and a bad trait. One should be accepted but never the other. It takes courage to admit you have some things you could work on. We all have room for improvement.
—  Beau Taplin, Bad Trait

I have flaws.

I also have bad traits, I just can’t exactly bring one to mind.

But my flaws are set by my own standard, the faults I list might be different to those listed by someone else. But I’m okay with that because no one should change for someone else, nor should you have to conform to the ideas of someone else. If people cannot accept flaw then they will never find perfection.

My flaws?

Thunder thighs, stretch marks, (lack of) eyebrows, talking with food in my mouth, cursing, inability to cook, overeating, over thinking, communicating, trusting the wrong people and being an open book.

I can’t help that I’m a chick who will, and can demolish a dinner plate filled edge to edge with food. I love food.

I don’t think Tinder guy will agree with half or maybe any of the flaws I see in myself. I wouldn’t know since he doesn’t exactly respond thoroughly to my posts. But then again I don’t exactly sit down with him and spill the beans, he reads it all here. Communication skills are far from on fleek.

Tinder guy has flaws, I’m sure of it. Everyone has flaws. I think I’m still very much in a trance of infatuation which of course means that Tinder guy is perfect and I cannot bring a single flaw to mind.

Could his lack of Mario Kart driving skills count as a flaw?

I guess all I know is that what one person may view a flaw, another might not.

Ps. Tinder guy, you still haven’t come face to face with the chatterbox I am. Enjoy the peace of my company whilst it lasts.

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