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Mario Kart

The other night I began feeling a lot more like me, the chatterbox type. I’m not sure how Tinder guy took that, in fact I’m not really sure about anything other than the fact I like him.

Even my Mother had a slip on the same night and called me his girlfriend, I’ve never seen her so red faced. But it was a great laugh, even if she did instantly regret it. She sent me a text message yesterday morning apologising, she hoped she didn’t ruin anything between Tinder guy and myself.

Then a friend of mine noted him as my boyfriend this morning as well. In fact, practically everyone has called him my boyfriend and as simple as that would be, it’s actually a lot simpler – it’s fun.

It still feels like there is something more and who knows, maybe there is. But who doesn’t love a bit of company in these freezing conditions? Especially when he’s practically a human heater and I’m a human ice block.

I blame my Asian genetics, I acclimatise to the heat rather than the cold. Cheers Dad!

And whilst I’m on the notion of weather, can I just say that strengthening my back to help my scoliosis is very very painful especially when you’re so cold that you are in fact shivering and your back begins to cramp whilst you’re supposed to be actively running. Last night, I had an extremely painful evening.
The worst.

So in an attempt to balance out my fun to pain ratio, I would like to propose a good Ol’ Mario Kart session to Tinder guy.

Keen to get your ass kicked again?

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