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Now it’s been three long days since I skilfully created a dozen knots in the muscles throughout my back and I’ve rekindled a very strong relationship with my heatbag. Anyone would think I had period pains for the first time this is how strong the bond is with the heatbag. Upon being the lucky recipient of a very relaxing deep tissue massage, it was only temporary and right now I feel that a spine and muscle transplant would be ideal.

So whilst I’m connected at the back to a heatbag, it seems that the humans of the world have forgotten that we live in the animal world, they do not live in ours. Since they were here first, I personally feel that they should be respected but we are too damn selfish and empowered that we believe that humans must come first.

The story of the gorilla and the boy in Cincinnati Zoo has made international headlines and for the wrong reasons. Firstly, the parents were so careless that they let their son wander alone, he was four and he would have no idea what his safety would’ve meant to his parents let alone what safety even meant. I don’t believe the gorilla, Harambe, should have been killed. He is in fact an animal and a very strong one at that, but was it his fault that two parental adults couldn’t supervise their child? Yes the child probably would’ve died, but in the day and age of social media and Internet, that child is now going to be known for the death of a gorgeous creature curtesy of his parents negligence towards his safety. Personally if I were the parents, I would sue the Zoo too for not supplying adequate barriers which clearly weren’t designed with the height of small children in mind. 

Then just the other day, some asshole of a politician from New South Wales revealed in parliament that he killed an elephant in Africa and ate it so it didn’t go to waste. He mentioned that he paid the locals to hunt and gave them the remainder of the  elephant meat. His justification was “humans have a right to eat meat”. Yes we have a right to eat meat, meat that is farmed and bread for that purpose! Elephants are endangered and they can’t produce as fast as a cow per se, yet humans with too much time and money believe they are exempt from not hunting? Sure thing mate. It’s a great thing to confess with all the political shit that’s in the news right now.

Then we have the numerous surfers attacked by sharks who lose blood and meat constantly. There is currently a man in Western Australia fighting for his life having lost an entire leg to a shark earlier this week. It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but the chances that the shark will be hunted are high, heck they’ve hunted every other shark that had recently attacked a human. Just remember who’s territory you’re in, because we humans are not sea creatures! It’s no different to breaking bones and suffering severe injuries whilst participating in extreme sports, except there’s no one to blame but ones self. So all of a sudden, because you were injured by a shark you think you have the right to blame it and hunt it? They roamed the blue well before we did my friends, deal with it!

I remember a few years back, Copenhagen Zoo had a giraffe named Marius, which they didn’t have room for. They asked neighbouring zoo’s in the European continent if there was any room for Marius but sadly they had no positive responses. So this zoo ended the giraffes life and dissected in front of a live audience. As a huge fan of the tall creatures, I still haven’t watched the footage from this event, I simply can’t. I understand that euthanising the giraffe was probably the best call, but the live dissection was too far. Then the exact same zoo had the balls to euthanise a family of four lions because they obtained a new male lion and they figured he’d kill the family shortly after. So if you knew you had two elders that were nearing the end of their captive lives but you had two cubs to raise, why would you go and take another male lion under your wing if you couldn’t even find space for him? Maybe Copenhagen Zoo need to rethink their zoo structure because they clearly don’t have room and it’s put them in the international spotlight twice within a handful of months for the worst reasons.

So with everyone thinking that animals are the enemy and that killing them is going to save man kind, just remember that if an intruder stepped foot in your residence, you’d probably bite back too.

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