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The Tinder Games

I am a person who can become fond of a person very fast, but I also have the ability to shut someone out entirely or simply change their relationship status to me with the click of your fingers. Some people have called me cold-hearted following the conclusions of past relationships with both friends and boyfriends.

I can go from relying on someone for company to not even talking to them within a blink of an eye.

So when Tinder guy and I opted to be just friends, it wasn’t hard. I mean, I still get to kick his ass in Mario Kart – but I also get to kick him out of the house once my ass whopping is complete. This my friends, is what onesies are for – the solo winter nights.

So it’s official, the Tinder games have been resurrected once again.

I remember my first post on The Story of Claire, my first Tinder date. Boy was that awkward, I literally wasn’t even eye to eye or straining my neck to speak to this guy, I was looking down. Certainly not my cup of tea. The next guy however, was the biggest neck strainer – just picture my five foot six inch figure next to a six foot nine inch giant. Boy they were good times.

Since my early days on Tinder, a lot has changed – like the lack of unlimited swiping and the addition of Tinder Social. I feel as if Tinder Social is a lot more relaxed than Tinder itself, it’s a lot easier to banter in a group than by yourself. Now I’m a pretty witty person when it’s required of course, but I’ve certainly learnt that my close pals that I’ve been in a Tinder Social group with just aren’t up to scratch.

One of the girls is a few years my junior, so the group conversations with guys relative to her age are a bit of brain fry. It reminded me of my conversations with people on MSN Messenger roughly seven or eight years ago, except they tend to use relatively better English. You know, none of that fancy text type we all used to be obsessed with?

L1K3 U NO? Th13 tYp3 0F p41NfUl Typ1nG

Boy that took longer than I thought it would to type, don’t even know why I had the patience for that when I was an adolescent. But then I remembered, we never had intellectual conversations. It was always the same generic greeting with a bit of banter and a complaint about homework. Back when fourteen year old girls didn’t know how to correctly apply make-up and ‘eyebrows on fleek’ didn’t exist. Actually, the word ‘fleek’ didn’t exist.

I’d say that Tinder seems a lot simpler now than it did two years ago or maybe I’m just a bit more selective in who I swipe. Maybe it’s the age group in which I’m swiping? Maybe it’s my newly developed witty conversation skills?

Some people may already know me as witty, but really, I think my sarcastic bitch of a self takes the credit most of the time. I’m one of those people that you need to know personally in order to understand my tone, heck my best friends completely understand me – but all these Tinder fellas are just playing a guessing game with my persona.

All I’m saying is dating becomes a lot more interesting as you age – even if I am still young. Such pointless conversations occur, but they’re balanced out with the few who can hold an intellectual conversation. Then there are the entertaining few, like the astronaut my social group are in conversation with or the peanut butter lover in the other chat.

Oh, there is also the guy I bonded with over the seafood diet, if you know what that is.

So with that, let the Tinder games begin!

P.S. Howdy to my loyal high school readers, send my apologies to your teachers if you ever get caught having a giggle.

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