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Double Standards

Double Standard; [Urban Dictionary]

A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another, especially the granting of greater sexual freedom to men than to women.

If a male has lots of sex, he’s looked well upon.
If a female has lots of sex, she is considered a slut.

It’s safe to say that double standards are a bitch and a half, whether it be double standards between siblings or what not. However, I think the most frustrating double standard is that set upon the topic of sex and the female gender in general. A few weeks ago I received this message via text; “I’ll tell you we aren’t exclusive and if someone asks me to go out for dinner or some shit, I’m not going to knock it back”.

So apparently my move to join Tinder a few days following the receipt of that message was a horrid idea that was very much frowned upon. So it would be okay for this guy to do whatever, but for me to simply join Tinder was ratchet? I hadn’t met anyone, just had a dozen conversations full of stupid gif’s. Kudos to Tinder for allowing me to use and abuse gif’s on the daily.

A random hook-up at a club that lead to free drinks is also THOT worthy. Who knew?

Believe it or not, but not all girls live for the free life. Heck not all girls are sluts either, I don’t jump on every penis I see. Yet I’m automatically a ‘typical girl’. I’ll willingly state that I’ve only hooked up with three guys this year and slept with two; the ex and said hypocritical guy.

I’m pretty sure that is not slut worthy – so drop your judgemental double standards.

Another pal of mine is busy enjoying her new found club rat life and her entire family have set a new level of double standards. Despite having always come home to her own bed without male company, her various hook-ups have caused a stir. Can I just state that I’m pretty sure that a kiss these days is practically a handshake and a hug, so who cares? If you have no bae on your radar then what’s the deal? My brother hooks up with a different girl practically every week but that’s considered fine and dandy yet we females can’t do the same? Please.

Sure I may have bragged a little about the attention I’d received from various males, by all means, go ahead and judge me. Just remember that everyone has a past and despite how long and old that story may be, you seem like the biggest hypocrite of us all. I would much rather be the girl that flirts and brags a little than the guy that gets into bed with people they shouldn’t.

So go throw your double standards in the trash and have a good life dude, because I’m so done.

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