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Once upon a time I was a shy girl who deterred away from any reference of this blog, my story was just a secluded little website. These days it’s been known to entertain students during an ever so boring class in high school and to amuse other on their commute to and from work. Maybe it’s even someone’s bedtime story, who knows?

For quite some time I have never been one to simply throw the link around, especially on platforms such as Tinder. Heck the goal is to get some, not lose some – my blog is the biggest put off to many if not all guys. I’m too opinionated for the liking of most males it seems.

Until now…

Now, I have a personal advertiser – one of my Tinder Social group mates. He’s so smooth, it’s become almost as common as the famous How I Met Your Mother’s line, “Have you met Ted?” but more along the lines of “Be careful or she’ll blog about you” or “You should read her blog“. Needless to say I don’t even give out my own Instagram anymore, my great mates do. I can try to deter and stall the release of information but it’s simply no use.

So hello to all the Tinderfella’s that come across this blog.

Over the past few days, I’ve had a handful of people – predominately strangers – read my blog. Personally speaking, my most uncomfortable thing is having people quote me to me or simply reference my blog. I can hardly remember if I flushed the toilet behind me let alone what I wrote a number of hours ago if not days ago…

So it seems the times have changed and males seem to be open to a female with a voice and a backbone as such. Heck the infamous Tinder guy read my blog at some ridiculous hour of the night in the middle of a club, it didn’t deter him. In fact, it didn’t deter any of the guys I dated before him either. But sometimes it’s nice to be a stranger to someone, like once you read a handful of my posts you gain a thorough insight into my mind and I’m sure you probably would perceive me a little differently after that. It’s like looking into my poor soul. One minute I’m just a girl, chill af with a great GIF game and the next minute I’ve practically had a huge deep and meaningful conversation with you just see me in a whole new light. Guys, I’m still the same over thinking human with zero tolerance for fuckboys. Deal with it.

So kudos to my pals for their advertising efforts, in particular to my ‘editor’ who does absolutely no editing at all, lazy fuck.

Well my Tinderfella’s, welcome to this thing I call my story.

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