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Crazy Stupid Clot

As a child I always aspired to become a lawyer and I thought it would be the greatest career of all time until the point came to actually begin legal studies in high school. To say I hated it is an understatement.

One cannot simply memorise things easily – yet I know the lyrics to many songs.

So when my haematologist rung me yesterday to book an appointment I was a little shocked at the steep price that she charges per appointment. Why did no one point me in the direction of becoming a doctor when I was in high school? Not that I ever had a thing for science in high school but hey, haematologists would literally only have to see two patients a day to earn way more than what I do in a week. Ridiculous.

Like crazy stupid.

I understand that I seem to have lost my blogging touch, but when you’re injured and it results in being in bed for many days on end with numerous hospital visits there really isn’t a lot to experience. Like it’s a full on lifestyle that I’m really not grateful for, being a one legged human isn’t my life goal.

But real talk, about eight months ago I parted ways with a relatively close friend. We had a blue and I never mentioned it in a blog post because I really didn’t know how to address it. For the sake of our friends, we resolved to remain I civil and we simply exchanged greetings from that day forward without much more in terms of conversation. It wasn’t until just recently that a conversation struck and although I’ve built my bridge and left all the drama behind, it is really swell to have an old friend return to my recent mobile contacts.

Last night we caught up for the first time since we walked off the plane back in January. I was surprised but pretty excited to just catch up and move forward, I don’t have time for grudges and I don’t really hold onto issues for long – it’s too draining.

So with the return of a friend, a few new friends and the countdown closing in on the retirement of the moon boot (only ten more days) – I would say that being a cripple if pretty good right now. Except having to pay a few hundred for this damn blood clot, I would highly encourage people to avoid obtaining a clot, they’re a ball breaker.

Damn clot.

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