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Situationship; [Urban Dictionary]

Any problematic relationship characterized by one or more unresolved, interpersonal conflicts – usually confused with dating.

I swear to God my life wouldn’t be complete without my trusty friend, the Urban Dictionary. I know it’s been a while but we have been bonding a lot lately and enjoying a few joyous giggles with every sentence – one could say it get’s better with every inch.

But more so I thought I would actually get back to my roots and actually write about a specific topic; situationships.

In my personal experience, I’d like to throw the notion around that a situationship by my standards is known as a shituationship since most of my situations in general are just pure shit. There are also many forms of shit but I won’t pain myself in going into too much detail right now. However if you feel like a gross or somewhat intruging cackle, click here. But just to be clear, I’m referring to shit as any other Aussie would – pure profanity.

Now, lets get down to business.

Being in a situationship is probably a very normal thing in this day and age, however if you’re like me then you’ll know that situationships result in overthinking, stress migraines and just pure hatred of social media. So as a self-confessed failure at situationships, I’d like to formerly announce that anything I say from here on out, is utter bullshit and I’m not a pro yo.

One of my dearest pals has a very complex situationship. A single guy, a single heart and two girls – where to begin…

My pal is currently in a relationship with one of these girls, but his heart is more or less all in the palms of the other girl. As if this situation wasn’t already complex, let’s add the fact that the girlfriend now lives with him. So not only does he have to end a relationship, but he also has to politely ask her to vacate the premises. I mean, she could stay but then your chances of a future gal pal visiting you will be extremely limited and very awkward.

But given the girl who has your heart has in fact had it for more months than your current relationship consumes, I would say that you’re most definitely in a relationship for the convenience of it more than you actually want it. You can’t do things half-hearted guys. You either want something or you don’t, but jumping into a relationship you never truly wanted is just ludicrous. Not only have you dug a fairly deep hole but only you can get yourself out of it.

I hope that you’ll learn an important life lesson from your situation. Like perhaps understanding what you need and what you want and when to enjoy the solo game. I hope you comprehend that jumping into a relationship for the sake of updating your Facebook relationship status is just idiotic and you’ve probably wasted a few dollars and a dozen hours on something you literally don’t want.

As cliché as it is, listen to your heart my little friend.

I bid you luck and I hope you can down grade it from a situationship to a simple relationship if all goes to plan accordingly. Lord knows it would be a very simple relationship status in comparison.

My fingers are crossed for you.

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