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Slutty Mole

I think it’s fair to say that I have grilled a few people on The Story of Claire over the past (almost) two years – yes, November is my two year anniversary. However I don’t disclose names and unless you’re within my social circle then you won’t know who I’m ranting and raving about. I can’t deny that I haven’t caused a fuss or two but I have constantly had the reassurance from my lawyer pal that I’m more or less safe. I guess I would know if I was in the wrong at some point having written about a police officer before, surely he would’ve said something if it was beyond horrible.

There is absolutely no doubt that I’m not an angel, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself an attention seeker. My social media is relatively tame and unlike a handful of people I know, I don’t continuously share pornographic images with captions along the lines of “I want this” – in fact I don’t share anything at all on Facebook.

Honey, you’re not even eighteen yet and you’re already displaying to the world that you want sex, sex and more sex.

Now I’m a firm hater of the all too common fuckboy, so I tend to keep myself at a clear distance. But hey, if you’re keen to upload photos online of your assets and a fuckboy comes knocking, don’t fucking complain.

In simple terms, you fucking asked for it!

Recently, a very familiar name to me began popping up online following the revelation from a slutty little mole who thinks that you have to name in order to shame. That’s right, this particular female lured this guy in like he was a Pokémon hunter (which he also is) only to send him a message stating that he was “so thirsty”.

To be exact, the message was; “Oh sorry, I’m just up the street. My boyfriend is home though, he’ll bring you out a bottle of water because you seem pretty thirsty.”

Once again, I’ve come across a human that has poor English so I did in fact correct her words and grammar in the above quote. But what really gets on my nerves is the fact she literally gave away her address and then disclosed that she has a boyfriend (or a fake one) and then she publicly released his name.

Bitch, you do not disclose names!

Not even Bye Felipe discloses names!

Scribble that shit out and buy yourself a phone with some sort of grammar checking program please, I beg you.

Also, if your mentioned boyfriend is in fact real then you’re mental. If you have a boyfriend why do you need to express to the would that you want some pornographic type lovin’? That topic of conversation is supposed to remain behind the doors of your relationship, more or less you’re detailing to the world that you’re desperate and your bae doesn’t satisfy your needs, i.e. you’re a slut and he’s just an object to you.

I picture that ‘low key hoe’ video that is going viral right now, when she eats the rose that he gifts her – yes, that’s how I picture this mole.

So now that this blog is finishing up, I’d like to notify you all that she chickened out and deleted the post thus meaning that she can’t handle the truth that she’s a slut. Yes that’s right, you told your four thousand Facebook friends that you are a slut – or you at least confirmed their assumptions.

What seventeen year old has four thousand friends? Are you meant to be famous? Are you pals with Levi Murphy?

If you have no idea who Levi is, then you should definitely find out because he would absolutely tear this slutty mole apart – I can just sense it. If however, I do find a video that compliments this post, I’ll link it here. If this ‘here’ is still not hyperlinked over the course of time then clearly I either forgot to hunt for a video or a just gave up and you can all go suss him out yourself.

Would you believe that this ranting post totals seven hundred bitchy words about a slutty mole? HA!

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