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Baby Brother

Dear Baby Brother,

Happy Eighteenth Birthday!

I was just over a month away from my fourth birthday when you were welcomed into the world and today, we celebrate your eighteenth birthday. Not only am I feeling old but I’m incredibly proud of the young man you have become.

You’re incredibly talented, intelligent and passionate about what you love and enjoy – even your education is proof of this. You take pride in yourself as an individual and it’s evident in the way you strive to constantly better yourself.

Sure, you’re a cheeky idiot who has always had a knack of making money off others like charging our Grandmother a ‘speeding fine’ for traveling 2 kilometres per hour over the legal limit. That was probably the best $7.00 you’ve ever made.

The rest of this little letter will only be full of clichés so I’ll finish it up now.

You’ll do great things in life Yoshi.

Welcome to the adult world!

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