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Please Fuck Off

“My life has made me so strong by tearing me apart, rolling my pride on dirt, rubbing my dignity back and forth in sand, and then having my sanity thrown into a muddy puddle only to let me rise to the top to throw me back down.”

A handful of months ago, a guy told me I was a typical girl and I didn’t take lightly to it. I never linked the comment to a particular individual in the blog post titled Double Standards. However if you know me personally, you’d know it was about Tinder guy – or so his pseudonym was.

I’m not sure if Tinder guy has continued to read my story as he once did, but I’ll hash it out anyway.

Seventy-three days is what it took for you to simply say sorry.

I know sometimes it takes time to say that one little word – but thank you. I’m not sure what your intentions were behind the random and unexpected apology, but I’m sure you could establish that I didn’t want to speak through my blunt responses.

I don’t think any strong headed female would be thrilled about being known as a typical girl, especially since I am not a typical girl.

My mother didn’t quite comprehend the whole saga of events, she scolded me for telling you to fuck off. My mother had your back throughout the whole nasty moment and I did in fact avoid her for a few weeks because every time I was in her presence she would bring up your name in an attempt to change how I felt about you.

What’s done, is done.

You weren’t good for me, you were only good to me until it no longer suited you. I will accept your apology but I’m not retracting my dismissal of you from my life.

Please fuck off.

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