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22 September 2016

I believe it’s well overdue but better late than never, right? By overdue, I meant a diary entry of course.

Now it’s only a measly three and a bit weeks until my birthday which also means I will now acquire a full driver’s license – none of this probationary crap. But having still not received any notice of the glorious moment in my life, I ducked into VicRoads the other day to find that it was in fact posted and people are either stealing my mail or the mailman is a dodgy prick. I’m not one hundred percent sold on it being either option yet, but I was very much annoyed with the whole scenario – who wouldn’t be? I finally have the ability to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with my meal and it’s been sabotaged by the nasties of life.

But with the nasties of life behind me, I have found myself a goodie – or at least I think I have. Of course I’m speaking in reference to Tinder, we matched more than two months ago and it’s been pretty dandy to awake to a text message every day and yes, we have met – literally the week I was cleared to drive was our first date. But I shan’t sabotage anything so that’s all you get to know pals.

I feel like I’ve been in a very great mental space lately, great pals and good vibes – moon boot and all. I’d just like to give a shout out to my bae who ventured a distance in order to see me on two occasions whilst I was in both plaster and the moon boot. But I’d also like to give a great shout out to my other bae who found endless amounts of hours to push me around in a wheel chair and arrange pizza nights to help ensure I was kept sane. Finally, a shout out to the final bae of the group, thank you for mending the bridge with me.


With that all said and done, I must say it’s great to finally be in a position to announce that I am happy – exceptionally happy. Regardless of how much work is a hit and miss, it shall not ruin my groove.

Also, the countdown is on until I obtain my clearance to return to basketball; t minus 26 days.

I’m just going to crown myself the queen of countdowns at this rate…


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