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Right above this line of type, is a phrase I’ve been using oh so much lately – it’s just super fitting with almost any aspect of my life, just like ‘yas’ has become part of my every day vocabulary.


Let’s be frank, my English has become shockingly slang of late but I have this one friend who still enables me to feel very much a perfectionist about my English spelling and grammar. Even ‘lol’ has made a return in a few of my conversations. It’s utterly depressing but sometimes things just happen, sometimes they’re just too catchy to pass up.

Back to my pal who lifts my spirits and boosts my Grammar Nazi reputation with every third message, I really do love you. But just reading your incorrect spelling and grammar of basic words is surely about to give me some grey hairs. But you have to sit your final English exam in thirty-four days, so I thought I’d help you brush up on your English – pay attention.

Lesson #1

Threw; [verb]

  1. A simple past tense of throw

Through; [adverb]

  1. In at one end, side, or surface and out at the other: to pass through the tunnel

Lesson #2

They’re; [contraction]

  1. Contraction of they are

There; [pronoun]

  1. Used to introduce a sentence or clause in which the verb comes before its subject or has no complement

Their; [pronoun]

  1. A form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun

Lesson #3

His; [pronoun]

  1. The possessive form of he

He’s; [proverb]

  1. Contraction of he is

Now that that’s all settled, please for the love of baby Jesus – do not fuck that up on your English exam woman! If you would like to extend your knowledge a bit further, please click here.  I have thoroughly enjoyed rekindling my relationship with the dictionary today, if I might add.

Someone has to ensure that you revise what you should’ve learnt six years or so ago.

May your English help your ATAR!

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