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Annually, on the tenth day of the tenth month we recognise International Mental Health Day. A day dedicated to the education, awareness and advocacy of mental health.

On the tenth day of the tenth month, I also celebrate my birthday. That would make today my twenty-second birthday with less than twenty-two close family and friends that have actually acknowledged the day my legendary life began to breathe.

A few months ago I removed my birthday from Facebook, now given I have just over two hundred and fifty friends on the social media platform you’d think they would be my closest pals and know a little something about me. Today I awoke to eleven text messages carrying birthday wishes, five short-lived ten-second snaps celebrating my birth and an in-person celebration from both my parents. That’s eighteen people who have recognised my birthday out of two hundred and fifty-four Facebook friends.

Just to make it sound even better, my brothers ate my birthday cake yesterday and didn’t even know it.

But that is the sad reality of social media, not everyone is your pal, not everyone cares and no one has the time to put you in their calendar. So why do we have social media?

Social Media is purely just a time waster with nothing but the ability to keep everyone looking their best on the social calendar front. I still cannot comprehend how some people have hundreds and thousands of friends on Facebook, you simply cannot keep up with every single one of them and still progress with your life. In fact, the only benefit of having an extensive number of Facebook friends would be that of a never-ending entertaining newsfeed.

So whilst I celebrate my twenty-second birthday and dispose of my trusty probationary licence, I do wonder why I have two hundred and fifty-four Facebook friends when I clearly only require eighteen of them.

Happy birthday to me.

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