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Dyslexic Marshmallow 

I suffer from dyslexia on a daily basis – maybe even an hourly basis. Point is, not even autocorrect can help me most of the time. I simply type too fast and hit the send button prior to proofing and I wind up with “Ow” instead of “now”. That would be one of my most common dyslexic moments – ask my pals if you doubt me.

But then there are rare moments in my life where I let my creative flag fly high. As a Malaysian, we are often sporting an epic tan – naturally. Due to the fact I’m only half Malaysian, I inherited some Australian genetics – being acne. In order to conquer my acne and be as flawless as the Queen Bee herself, I took to a pricey dermatologist and today I’m pretty damn skin happy. However, the side effects of the medication I was prescribed led to loss of pigmentation thus making me as white as a marshmallow – or as I just described to my friend, the grim reapers angelic cousin.

Now, not many people believe my skin tone is all that bad – but when your make up is tanned af and your skin tone is far from the same shade, we have an issue. So I’d like to dedicate this post to Bondi Sands for always helping me flash my legs to the world – you da best!

Thank you for allowing me to wear shorts.

Thank you for allowing me to wear skirts.

Thank you for allowing me to wear the pricey make up that’s already in my drawer.

Thank you for making it a bit easier to wear white without becoming Casper.

Thank you for kicking the grim reapers angelic cousin to the curb because who wants an angel anyway?

I’m not sure where this blog was headed right now, it’s become an appreciation post rather than a rant about my never ending inability to type. But I would like to point out that autocorrect has been failing me severely in this case – you had one job!

On that note, I shall leave you now.


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