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So every person is prone to a hissy fit or a grumpy attitude, heck I live for my numerous grumpy days. But whilst there isn’t necessarily a time and a place for either option, one usually limits them to the four walls in which they reside.

From experience, I’ve come to be a regular in the art of secluding myself from the world. To put a positive spin on it, it limits the amount of people in which I subject to my foul attitude. But in the case of my mother who always wants to be social when I’m in a shit mood – it’s a horrid thing that usually ends in my bedroom door being slammed at some point.

For a mini update on my life, I’ve finally been cleared to resume sport – no more ankle drama, no more blood clot.

Returning to basketball has been so fulfilling, all I wanted to do for four months was run. So here I am, my third game back on the court and it’s been challenging and somewhat nerve racking. All the conscious limitations I have about my ankles ability is constantly going through my head. The other night my opposition was comprised of several players who I knew wouldn’t cause further damage to my ankle so I was mentally able to overcome that hurdle and just ball.

However, the ability my team has to both have fun and be competitive is a pretty rare thing to come by – I tend to find it’s always one or the other. Over the past two seasons, my team has become very much like a family. Even if we are losing by fifty points or winning by fifty points we always find something to laugh at and take the mickey out of. Personally, as a player – I just spend the whole game telling my team mates to dunk because why the fuck not? I mean, none of us can reach the ring but I think it’s just become one of my on court trademarks.

However, the opposition team we faced were not so talented and I honestly feel as if they were all under the influence of PMS – savage as fuck.

I’m talking savage and beyond unsportsmanlike behavior. The whole notion of friendly competition was kicked out of the stadium doors entirely once one of the oppositions players took a team mate of mine off her feet. The excessive physical contact was nothing short of spiteful actions in the midst of losing a game. I’m most certain that this team were predominately mothers as well and to see them act out as sore losers was more or less disappointing.

Having played basketball for about twelve years now, my mother always disapproved of the sore loser status amongst my brothers and I. But I think regardless off the experience you have in any sport, when it comes to domestic, one should never act out as a sore loser. To add fuel to the fire, the opposition concluded the game with not so much a handshake, but more a rapid fire of hostile questions about our actions throughout the game – being our choice to play a press to enhance our lead which only resulted with continuous holding and slapping following every steal and intercept.

I’m aware that being a bitch is in every females nature. But being physically demeaning and lack sportsmanship in a domestic competition simply bewilders me. I just cannot comprehend why? Where is it in a mothers nature to hit, slap, push and hold a team of predominately younger ladies? Would they have rethought their actions had their children all witnessed the game. Did they ever think that the tables could be turned one day when we verse their daughters perhaps?

The fact that two of the nicest team members of the opposition sent apologetic messages to my team the following morning just details how out of character and unnecessary their actions were.

Get your shit together women!

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