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So it’s been a while since I actually wrote a little something, something. But I’ve had the sudden urge to just let it all out and there is a high chance it’ll backfire on me but shit happens and life certainly doesn’t stop for shit to actually happen either.

Well, news flash – there are only twenty-five sleeps until Santa arrives and no, I do not believe in Santa but flow with me yo.

I have a great bunch of pals but last night I think everyone just exchanged Yeezy rants and then it was basically just dead silence from then on out. Well maybe not everyone, but it was certainly most of the pally wallies. Basically, I just wanted to know what the fuck was happening with dinner due to the fact everyone was failing to provide me with the same answer and then it became one huge ball of flipped off energy between us.

Feelings aside, it became a very personal argument on every party’s behalf which resulted in tears, bitter words and from me personally, a lot of IDGAF’s. Have you ever noticed that when you get rather emotional you simply disregard anyone else’s thoughts and emotions? Well heck, once again – I simply don’t give a flying fuck.

Everyone knows I can be brutal at any point of my emotional status, but if you happen to come knocking when I’m pissed off – I take no responsibility for your salted tears. Think of it as that warning sign that circles the World Wide Web about taking no responsibility for any injuries you incur whilst you tickle a very ticklish human, well my pissed off self requires one of those signs because I will lay it down flat and I do not give a fuck if it makes me the worst person in the world.

As the night continued and the sun set for the evening, I had several extensive individual chats after we had all calmed down and I’m shocked, appalled and relieved at the shit I read. I learnt that I’m not the nicest of people but I at least put thought into how I word things, I learnt that accepting any given situation is different for each individual and I learnt that there is always a snitch and a bitch – even if that describes me most of the time. Who doesn’t love a screen shot? *insert angel emoji*

I also learnt that group planning is fucked and I do not like it one bit, period.


Merry Christmas.

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