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Time is a mother fucking bitch.

I wouldn’t say I’m a supremely patient person, like I wouldn’t rank it as one of my top ten traits but we all have to twiddle our thumbs and bite our tongues at some point. Growing up in a very technology literate age, I just have to point out that waiting for a text is a horror story – especially for a smitten gal.

We females ponder thoughts along the lines of giving up hope once we hit the 3 minute waiting mark. But what guys don’t understand is that most of us will most likely fall asleep drooling on our phone in wait for your response. We are so pathetic, but we all need attention – even if it’s from a dozen random tinderfellas.

But then we have the girls that show little to no interest but still take a few moments of their time to respond on a random basis. Of course I use the term random in the sense that they don’t necessarily respond in five seconds, but more like a few hours and/or never again.

Now, I’ll be the first to announce that guys over think just like us females. One of my best mates recently went on a nerve-racking first date only to fuck it up and practically land face first in a puddle of mud (not literally of course). In an effort to amend his word vomit moment following the date, he sent her a short text apologising. The following four hours were torture, for me. My notifications lit up like the world was ending because she hadn’t responded in a timely manner, yet when she did reply with “I’d love to see you again” it was easy to assume she was keen.

Apparently not.

Today marks forty-eight hours since the tragic word vomit scene my friend experienced and she is still yet to make any contact following her promising message.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across people who don’t set the world straight and tell fibs. My mother always told me that fibs were bad. Yet people won’t just ghost a person now, but rather they just slap you with a “Talk to you tomorrow xo” and then never ever continue a conversation.




Ghosting someone at least provides an immediate answer, but too many people send mixed messages only to let a man’s heart bleed to death. Honesty is the best policy, so cliché your life away.

I don’t care what gender you are, but like fuck – say it how it is instead of attempting to be some warped idea of ‘nice’.

Play nice children.


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