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Minimalism and Metals

On many occasions have I mentioned my shoe addiction and my inability to say no to an accessory to my outfit which is no surprise as to why I have two deliveries of shoes arriving on my doorstep in the following few hours. I cannot begin to detail the rapid thoughts that I do succumb to when I do add a new pair to my cart, but I can provide you with the many pairs I have lusted for.

Metals, combined with minimal designs have become two of the primary components of a modern day wardrobe. They allow you to exaggerate an outfit, to express a personality or compliment the occasion. The concept of ‘more is less and less is more’ is truly only one that can be determined in front of the mirror.

From your everyday wear to a formal occasion, the collection of footwear below can provide both structure and edge to any outfit. A combination of classic designs with modern minimalist additions, the perfect party for your feet.

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