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Specsavers X Ellery

Specsavers X Ellery

I am a genetically blind human, short-sighted if you will. Since I was a young child I have been forcefully made to wear spectacles by not only my parents, but my teachers also. It was a gang of adults trying to make me wear these horrid round gold frames with blue marble arms – no.

It has since become an annual tradition for myself to spend a small amount of time at my local Specsavers to select my two pairs to carry me throughout the following twelve months. This is always a tedious task without fail, but this year was pleasantly easy thanks to the new collaboration with Ellery.

I have a rather round Asian face with chubby cheeks when I smile so I tend to be the fool smiling in the mirror with every pair I try on. But not only did every pair from the Ellery collaboration fit me perfectly, they were also affordable.

Of course my favourite selection from this collaboration will follow shortly, but I’m also really feeling this whole round frame style that I’m lusting over – so I’ve also featured my two soon to be pairs that are currently being fitted with lenses for my blind self.

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