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Wrecking Ball

It’s been a few weeks since I bothered to spend a few minutes to write a post so I guess I should start with a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Now that it’s officially 2017, I can finally sit myself in an aeroplane having completed my few months of being grounded. I tell you what, deep vein thrombosis was totally a master plan of mine in terms of my wardrobe – I mean, who didn’t want to have to wear those sexy white compression stockings on flights at the age of twenty-two?

Now I should note that the tinder game is going marvellously. I’ve been accompanied on a few dates by a man of splendid company and I’d like to say it’s going smoothly. As a magnet to time-wasting fellas and fuckboy’s, I can’t say that my expectations are out of reach since they lower vastly with ever male human I come to know. I just want someone to be there for date night, so I can stop reliving the weird first dates I stumble upon. How’s that for my standards? The fear of having slight emotional connections with any male however, is what haunts me the most. Essentially, my emotions are always the victim to ghosting or result in a text message essay that ends my dating life momentarily. Boy how I adore dating.

Now in a swift subject change, I’d like to announce that in a months time I’ll be departing my desk job of over four years to return to university. Whilst I’m excited for the change, it’ll be different to break habit as such. I did begin my university timetable yesterday however I need to allocate one more lecture before it’s finalised and it’s just my luck that said lecture is full and new places are yet to be released. I for one, certainly haven’t missed the timetable saga that tertiary students face.

I’m aware that this is short and sweet but I thought I’d provide a miniature update into my life as I open 2017 like a bloody wrecking ball. #doitlikeMiley


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