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Queen of Ghosts

When it comes to guys, I’m certainly not an expert. Instead, I find myself to be a magnet to people with no time, people who aren’t emotionally available and the infamous ghosts. I can’t say I’m ultimately surprised when there’s a sudden halt to any relationship in my life, they just fall off the face of the earth anywhere between the first date and the three-month mark.

If a guy ever stays in my life for longer than a few months, then fuck.

I wouldn’t know a long-term relationship if it hit me on the head.

I understand people with no time and I understand the emotionally unavailable, but the ghosts are just dumb founding. Firstly, those sorry ass text messages that read along the lines of ‘I’m sorry but it’s not working blah, blah, blah…’ are horrid and the worst way to do things, but that’s one hundred percent better than any ghost story. If you don’t know what a ghost is, then you shall begin reading (click here)!

Long story short, I went on a few dates with this guy and the conversation we once had has since gone missing in action and is yet to be rescued, thus a ghost has emerged. Big shocker there! I can’t say I’m anything but annoyed about it, I honestly thought he would be nice enough to provide some petty excuse.

Basically, my Tinder Game is a shocker and I’m a magnet to your everyday asshole.

Yours truly,

Queen of Ghosts


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