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Hypocritical Fuckers

I’ve had this blog post in mind for a while now, but I’ve been unsure on how to put my spin on it. But then I had some time to think and I feel like it’s been too long since I incorporated some good old-fashioned Urban Dictionary meanings.

A hypocrite, a word that you can’t exactly define in many other ways. But Urban Dictionary has managed to supply some goodies for me anyhow, so let the LOL’s begin!

The top definition;

A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.

A person who holds other people to higher standards than he holds himself.

The only reliable product of an organized religion is a flock of hypocrites who feel that only *their* hypocrisy is divinely sanctioned.

The fourth position;

Someone who hates it when people do certain things or talk shit about other people but they do it themselves.

Claudia: Omg, I hate it when people talk about others behind their backs.

Tracey: Right?… Oh Look here comes Connie.

Connie: Hey guys! *walks toward Claudia & Tracey*

Claudia & Tracey: Hey Connie!

Connie: I gotta run. Sorry I can’t stay and chat, it was nice seeing you. *walks away*

Claudia: Bye.

Tracey: See you around.

Claudia: *turns to Tracey* Omg, did you see the dress that she’s wearing? It makes her look like a whore!

Tracey: *looks back at Claudia with a blank stare* You’re a fucken hypocrite. *walks away*

The lowest ranked;

A self-absorbed, arrogant prick who constantly pisses and moans about other people doing something wrong, yet engages in such behavior anyway. Probably someone who has a really ugly girlfriend named Pinky.

Wow, did you hear about how Brandon fucks his girlfriend twice a day, yet complains about other people being horny? What a fucking hypocrite!

Moving on to what I initially intended to rave about, the hypocrite. Anyone and everyone is bound to have a person in their lives who can bluntly be described as a hypocrite, this person may even be your mother. A mother is forever prone to a good old whine about housework and how little help they receive, yet when you actually offer assistance without being asked they reject it. Side note, for a particular person who will read this eventually, I was contemplating hyperlinking a meme amongst that scenario.

But what is worse than a hypocritical mother? Having your own set of hypocritical friends.

Despite the many drama’s my life entails, I always reflect and learn something from whatever situation has occurred. It might take me a few days or months to come to terms with the lesson in which I learn from, but the point is – I get there.

I understand that this ideal of learning a lesson is different for each individual based upon their upbringing and values and what not. However if you create such a deal out of something that it marks the beginning of World War III amongst your closest of friends and still fail to learn a lesson, then we have an issue. Now I thought this whole saga of drama had come to an end, but then it resurfaced with turned tables. I was shocked to see the drama recurring, the exact same immature god damn shit all over again.

If none of the above made any sense, well basically a few months ago Girl X cracked the poops over a few issues and one of them being about assuming things and not being inclusive. But Girl X then proceeded to do all of the above just recently and it just shit me so much. How can someone be such a tool and recreate a similar saga with such raw wounds amongst a group of pals? I simply cannot understand.

So by this point in my day, I was ready to just give up on a social life. Having a social life is honestly too damn fucking hard when it involves people of such arrogance.

In fact, let’s be honest – I never had a social life!

Peace out fuckers.

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