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Chocoholic Singles

Welcome to February, the final month of the Melbournian summer – whatever that may be. For those who have no clue what the weather is like down under, basically it can be described as a years’ worth of seasons in less than a 24 hour day. Joyous.

But with February commencing, it’s the perfect time to release the clichéd Valentine’s Day memes in which are practically dedicated to the single human being to roam this earth. Wait, are the white photos with a single text paragraph considered memes too? Like what are they?

Moving on, Valentine’s Day is simply overrated and the only benefit to it being a day of love and romance is that chocolates go on sale in the supermarket. A primary example of a calendar date actually doing its job! It’s not much of a secret now, but I always visit the outlet stores during Mother’s Day simply for the sales at the outlet stores. Coincidentally, my brother’s birthday coincides with the Father’s Day sales, making life a discount superstore. #savvy

So what do people make such a deal out of Valentine’s Day? Should you not simply just wish to spoil your partner at any time of the year? If you’re like me, you literally spoil yourself like every week with deliveries – but each to their own. Basically, Valentine’s Day is a day of social media spam primarily made up of carefully thought-out photos of jewelry and flowers gifted by a significant other. Personally speaking, if it takes a world-renowned calendar date for your significant other to spoil you, then I wouldn’t exactly label them as “the one”.

But I’ll be sure to put a reminder in my phone to photograph a few dainty pieces of jewelry to post on Instagram to supply everyone with the illusion of my (non-existent) love life. I might even buy some chocolates with cash so it’s like a secret from my bank statement. HA!

So whilst everyone wraps themselves in some red ribbon of love, the rest of us will simply abuse the sales on chocolate and indulge in the fact we don’t have to spend a cent just to fit in with the remaining fools of love.

I’m not exactly writing this as a dig at anyone who is a fan of Valentine’s Day, but someone has to make sense of the day for the non-believers and the soppy singles.

Now stuff your face with chocolate!

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