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What’s Your Flavour?

Is he the new flavour of the month?”

Above is a question I’m all too familiar with, often posed by my mother – she’s knows all. It’s safe to say that I definitely cannot keep a guy interested for longer than a handful of weeks – life shattering.

So amongst my forever changing ‘flavours’ as my mother puts it, is one guy, a guy that I’ve adored for months. This guy is such a catch, I sacrifice sleep for a late night cheeseburger at McDonald’s with him – surely that says a lot. I can’t say a lot as to his intentions though, but I have a good vibe. However knowing me it won’t go in my favour. *insert eye roll*

Then I start to wonder if all my other ‘flavours’ never worked out because of this one guy, who has had my attention for the better half of a year. But as much as he has my attention, he also managed to survive my lowest moments and thriving highs of this past year – he deserves brownie points.

So the short and short of it is that I do indeed have a crush on this guy and so far that’s as far as I can report.

Time to shut up now, cheerio!

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