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Exaggerate Yo Self

Over the duration of the past few weeks, I’ve had an awful lot of bad luck and I’d like to personally thank a handful of my favourite people – parents included – for lending a helping hand. Of course, I’ve still supplied an epic amount of laughter from jumbling up my words to learning to drive a manual car. Just picture my parents standing in the drive way having a good cackle as I jump in an instructors car with big yellow “L” plates on it and stall it three consecutive times in my multiple attempts to actually make it to the end of my street of residence. Fortunately, it turns out I’m a natural and I got the gist of the clutch and gears relatively fast – like within a quarter of an hour fast.

Now when I make reference to my jumbling of words, I don’t mean saying the words out of order. I mean completely mixing up my words and letters. I turn coat hanger into hoat canger and then excel myself to cossing toins instead of tossing coins. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure I can pluck a few people from my social circle to actively raise their hand as a witness to my never ending twisted tongue episodes. There’s no doubt that I wish these episodes of mine would remain within a small bubble of pals, but unfortunately they’ve made several appearances in my tutorials also. Who doesn’t love a passionate opinion that comes with the added embarrassment of unintentional word vomit with further benefits of comedic relief? Sure, I’ll own my inability to talk like a normal human being, so whether they laugh with or at me is of no worry.

So whilst seated in the far back row of a lecture theatre, I’ve come to cherish caffeine and think of my favourite past time – sleep. The other night I was busy writing a journal entry for a class of mine, yet I found myself taking intermittent naps. I surprised myself in having the unconscious ability to wake up multiple times for a short stint of journal writing before I finally reached the minimum word count to submit and sign off. Week three of university has hit me like a bus, almost quite literally. I have no fucking idea how I’ll survive the next one hundred and thirty-six weeks of university over the span of four long years.

God bless anyone who tolerates me over the next few years is an MVP, y’all gonna be set for a good roller coaster of exaggerated drama curtesy of my pour soul.

Lood guck!

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