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5 May 2017

Welcome to May, five whole months into 2017 and only seven months to go. Of course I’m counting down for 2018, this year has not been my year so to hell with 2017! It is however only four and a half months until I venture off to Africa, which I’m somewhat excited for – hopefully it all goes as planned this year.

I’d be lying if I said my tinder game was strong right now, I’ve simply lost interest in swiping through the extensive amount of profiles generally made up of terrible selfies and unattractive males. I may not be a 10/10 myself, but that doesn’t mean I cannot be a picky one right?

In the mean time, being sick and having a few essays due in the same week has taken up the better half of my time. Who doesn’t love discussing the road to Auschwitz and the theories of teaching? I’m quite frankly over essays, but the bonus of my subjects is that I don’t do exams.

But essays are bloody bitches.

Life without sport has been good to me so far, I suppose getting sick and having a tooth yanked out assisted with minimised diet so I can’t say I’ve eaten to the extent not being able to fit my wardrobe anymore which is always a bonus given I invested quite some dollars in there.

I wouldn’t even consider this to be much of a blog, but rather a brief and unstructured update on my life – what life I have.

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