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Keep it Casual

Watching Gossip Girl – for the hundredth time – certainly takes my mind off the fact that semester one of university has come to an end and waiting for my marks to be published has me somewhat anxious – did I pass every damn subject or what?

Although I’m eagerly awaiting my results, I’ve found plenty of time to pull a few Kim Kardashian moves and tape my boobs into place just so I can squeeze my head through the small opening of a small top. I even learnt to blend a ton of eyeshadow onto my lids whilst create a wing of some sort with the help of a q-tip and micellar water.

So whilst I dance like a lunatic leaving my dignity in the hands of Hollywood Tape in the hope it’ll save me from a horrendous nip slip, my Tinder Game has reignited. Although it is a known fact that my ability to pick up guys at a club is atrocious and doubted by every other human being that I’ve come into contact with whether that be Tinder or another social media outlet, let it be known that I do not go out with the intention to pick up – except for one guy whom I have made a consistent habit of hooking up with.

But although I thought once upon a time that I liked this guy quite a bit, my feelings have changed. The fact that I have to plant the seed in every single relationship with every singly guy just shows that I ask too much from all men of humanity. Should I ever find a guy that actually insists himself on a date will probably be the day my heart stops. All these fictional misconceptions of men are from mars and women are from venus and the life cycle of lifestyles now resembling the 1970’s love of casual sex, it’s no wonder that everyone is so fucking confused in what is you do in a relationship of any kind, particularly that of a specific interest.

Is it always the females that develop feelings in a casual relationship or can it also be the men that become so shocked at their own ability to feel emotion that they begin to remove us from their lives which in turn leaves us questioning our own methods and habits as a female. All I know is that I cannot have a casual sex relationship without my heart fluttering away with cupid after a few months, yet I also know that it is my emotions that do in fact leave men competing with Usain Bolt as they depart my life. These emotions are generally amassed by conflicting ideas and actions provided by the male, so maybe we women aren’t so confusing after all. Maybe it is the men that need to learn the boundaries of their words and actions to avoid providing ammunition for the unwanted attention to which we women cop the blame for at a later date.

That entire paragraph was unintentionally just as confusing as casual sex and emotions, I know.

So whilst I lock lips with one guy and lock hips with another guy, maybe the formula for casual sex is to not associate the label with anyone or anything. There is no reason for me to defend my actions, we live in an era of equality and judgement is uninvited to this party. If I don’t know of your intentions then why should you know of mine? There is no formula to casual sex but I’m pretty sure it comes with boundaries which would prevent the misconceived ideas created in one’s mind that are often detrimental towards the relationship.

I’m positive that I could continue this insightful and opinionated definition of casual sex but my stomach is rumbling and my mind is already walking itself to the kitchen.


Gossip Girl

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