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Nothing Exciting Here

“That’s all it is”, my new catch phrase. It doesn’t really resemble much of great significance but it does imply a notion of moving forward. We cannot simply do so without cutting ties with our past and developing a present in which we find satisfying and pleasant.

More than a year ago, I matched with a guy on Tinder. Keeping in mind we already knew each other outside the dating application it was more so an introduction towards our thoughts of one another, like a “He thinks I’m cute – I never knew”. For a year, our conversations have developed and increased in volume but never have we ever progressed. We are Year 9 innocent, we hook up – yeah cool. We’ve never gone on a proper date, nor have we honestly described our feelings towards one another.

It’s like lying in limbo for something that will never become anything.

The other day we all went out on the town, and to be frank I was basically dead weight. With every step I took, he took two backwards. I became a nothing.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been hanging out with this guy that is in fact a match from the legendary Tinder app. He’s basically a tourist in my suburb of residence however he’s returning to base up North at the end of this week – I’ll call him Army Guy. His affection towards me after several dates is by far so much better than the cold shoulder I’m now on the receiving end of. I’m not going to lie, but my feelings towards cold shoulder guy are running low. My feelings towards Army Guy are quite significant by comparison, however it’s only been a short five weeks and he’s not even from here – just my luck.

There is of course another guy, for years we have spoken on and off but not once have we ever succeeded on following through with our planned dates. So if we ever actually make it to a dinner table or a bar – I’ll let you know.

So there’s a brief update on my rather insignificant dating life courtesy of Tinder.

I hope you found it as unexciting as I do!

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