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A Modern Day Fairy-Tale

Approximately nine days ago, my tipsy self convinced my home girl to ask an array of men at a club how tall they were, it became the go-to pick up line for the remainder of the evening (I really mean ‘morning’). Anywho, after a handful of failed pick ups she eventually got somewhere with a seaweed dancing guy just before my legs decided it was time to be a little bitch and provide me with joyful cramps. Of course my bright idea to sit down also made me out to be a complete bitch having just started dancing with the seaweed dancing guy and his merry men.

Also, public service announcement; don’t walk in heels when you’re cramping – god damn that’s a horror movie in the making. I felt like Cruella di Vil when she gets covered in all that slime and still attempts to walk afterwards. For those who haven’t seen this scene, shame on you!

Fortunately for the guys, we did find them after a short half-hearted recovery. By all means though, my cramp resurrected and I did my best to politely invite an individual from the fantastic merry men to accompany me. Who knew I could talk under water, over music and not come up for a breathe of fresh air? This guy gave me his attention for like three hours or something stupid like that! Crazy.

Tipsy me of course, threw my phone in his face and basically demanded his contact details because I was hooked. You know when you walk past a store window and see a pair of shoes that just have your name all over them, well I certainly don’t have my name all over this guy but you’d certainly find me scribing his name in my diary and drawing love hearts around it.

Who needs Tinder?

He even agreed to a date with me in those three hours, crazy. There’s honestly no other way to describe the scenario other than he stole me heart in under a few hours. Our first date was literally a chatterboxes dream, breathing is certainly a weakness during conversation but it just all falls out. It’s like word vomit except it all makes sense… I think.

It’s surreal to have stumbled upon someone who stares contently into my eyes whilst I ramble on about some utter bullshit. His gaze is just so beautiful, he’s beautiful. To be utterly smitten this fast is record breaking for me, but I love every minute of it. To be able to share a conversation based around life, values and shared interests whilst both intoxicated and sober is refreshing – what even?

Love at first sight, a classic clichè – but I think it fits the bill nicely. To be more presumptuous would be to announce that this is the man I’ll marry, but what the heck! It’s electrifying to be next to him – it’s far too difficult to describe.

In all honesty, I feel like I’ve repeated myself a thousand times by this point. This whole blog post has been a huge gushing recollection of a modern day fairy tale that I just happen to be the co-star of!

Absolutely fucking smitten, that’s what’s up!

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