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The Creep

Creep; [Urban Dictionary]

  1. 1950’s word used by women to decribe an undesirable man.
  2. A subversive person, opposite of open and assertive, who instead favours manipulation, deceit, cheating, back-stabbing, and other passive-aggressive behavior as means to an end.

Sometimes I wonder if ‘creep’ was the correct name to call this guy who has made me laugh a few times and stare at my phone awaiting a response. Of course, once I tell you the story, I’m sure you’ll come to understand why I’ve assigned ‘creep’ as his label but I have had an instance of intense creepin’ that occurred just the other day. I got an email from WordPress to moderate a comment (yes, I approve and disapprove every comment made on my posts), this comment read;
Can you add me back on snapchat? My id is a************
How about no? *clicks disapprove*
So rewinding back to the initial subject of this blog post – the original creep in my life.
Dating back to the 11th June 2017, apparently he super-liked me on Tinder however I actually have no recollection of this until he literally recalled dates to me just the other day. My first recollection of this guy began in early August when I received a friend request on Facebook to which I followed through with a clichéd “Hey, have we met?“. Of course things were fine, dandy even after the short conversation came to an end and I cancelled his friend request.
Skip to about five or six weeks ago now and I received a direct message on Instagram from the same guy asking as to why I deleted all my Instagram photos (I like to spring clean). Having not fully seen what this guy actually looked like, I sent him a follow request and mate, he’s a looker. Once I had that knowledge, I retracted my assigned ‘creep’ label and apologised to him, of course he bounced at the opportunity to converse so for my entire duration in Africa we messaged daily and just last week I had the opportunity to meet him, blow his budget on chicken parma’s and watch time pass by from the top of a car park in China Town.
I guess you could call him super keen given his persistance – like oh my god, how romantic or whatever. However he’s taken it upon himself associate himself with a creep, he even friend zoned me on a first date with a bunch of handshakes followed by the excuse of nerves.
You could say he’s a creep, I still do. But he’s pretty cultured, being able to discuss and debate Ghanaian history was quite amazing plus he’s actually an eager bean to go the Melbourne Museum – intellectually, it’s a blast.
I guess that concludes my little story time, I know it’s been a long time since I really blogged about my love life but obviously I am not going to marry the last guy I blogged about a few months ago.
Creep out pals xo

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